How to Build a Cat House

Before you start to build a cat house, you need to make a sketch. You can be as creative as you want, but stick to the basic building principles outlined here.

Required Tools and Materials

Nail gun
Four wood planks (12” L x 7” W x 1” thick)
Two wood planks (12” x 4” x 1”)
Plywood sheet
Padding (can be blankets, towels, carpet etc)

Step 1

Start by marking the wood planks. The 12 x 7 x 1 wood pieces are for the sides; the 12 x 4 x 1 planks are for the doorway frame.

Step 2

Begin to build a cat house by putting two 12 x 7 x 1s side by side. They need to be perpendicular to you. Set one wood plank above the other. Nail it. Repeat the process with the other 12 x 7 x 1 wood pieces.

Step 3

Stand these nailed planks up. Position them so it looks like a teepee. Make sure the top parts are as even as possible. The bottom parts need to be uniform as well. Nail the planks. Measure the space from the point where the wood meets the flooring. The space should be 18 inches.

Step 4

Put the plywood sheet behind the tepee. Get the marker and trace the points where the wood edge terminates on the plywood.

Step 5

Take your handsaw and start cutting a triangular shape. To build a cat house, you need to make sure the excess plywood is removed. When finished, nail the planks so the cat house has a back.

Step 6

Get the 12 x 4 x 1 planks. Set one of the planks down on its wide size. Set it on the cat house’s front. The result will be a frame measuring 4 inches. Get the other wood plank and position it in the same way.

Step 7

Get the padding and put in the cat house. How you arrange this is up to you. When it is set, put some catnip in and around the house. Now you can put your pet in its new home.

Tips and Warnings

The procedure described here to build a cat house is a simple one. However you’ll need to get more wood pieces if the cat house will be larger. The fancier you cat house will be, the more you’ll need to rely on your sketch. For this reason, you need to make the
sketches as detailed as possible.

Never saw wood without wearing safety glasses. After making the cat house, make sure you clean the area. Clear the place of saw dust, nails etc. Do not put too much catnip in the place. Some cats tend to get too hyper around it. Instead of making a large cat house for several cats, it’s better to make separate cat houses for each one.

It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to build a cat house, and seeing your pet sleeping and playing in it will make all the work worth it.

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