How to Make Origami Weapons

How to Make Origami Weapons

While most would learn origami to make paper swans or flowers and the like, it’s much more interesting to be able to create more unusual shapes. Paper roses are nice and all, but there are those who may find that learning how to make origami weapons can be way cooler.

To make an origami knife, all that is needed is a square sheet of paper. The first step is to fold the paper diagonally to form a triangular shape. The opposite side is then folded so that it forms a smaller triangle. Afterwards, the paper is unfolded to its original square shape, and the creases made by the previous folds will serve as guidelines for the rest of the procedure.

The sheet of paper is turned so that a corner faces in one’s direction. The sides are then folded in order to line up with the guideline at the center of the paper, giving it a kite-like appearance. The two middle corners are folded back so that they are lined up close to the paper’s outer portion, but they should not intersect. The paper is turned over and its sides are folded up to make two small triangles. One side is then folded into the middle, doing the same to the bottom part of the paper afterwards, with a bit of space between it and the other side left over. The other side is folded to the middle, but with some space left in between. Finally, the paper is folded in half, and the origami knife is finished.

To make an origami ninja star, one would need two 2’x1’ sheets of paper. Both sheets are first folded in half vertically. The sheets are then unfolded and are next folded in half horizontally. Once more the sheets are unfolded, and the first piece of paper’s bottom part is folded diagonally to make an L-shape. The same is done to the top part of the paper. This same procedure is then applied to the second piece, but done in such a manner that it faces in the opposite direction.

The tips of the left and right sides of both sheets are folded towards the middle in order to make both sides appear triangular. These two triangular shapes are folded above the horizontal center, making both sheets of paper appear as parallelograms. The adjoining portions of the opposite sheets are then inserted into each other’s openings. Some parts will have to be unfolded so that they can be made to fit, and then refolded once they have been attached. Lastly, the papers are turned into each other until they take on the shape of a four-pointed ninja star.

One should do well to remember when learning how to make origami weapons that although these paper armaments are pretty much non-lethal, their sharp points could still hurt someone. So some caution is advised in both making and playing with them because, deadly or not, a paper cut can still get nasty.