How to Make an Ice Skate Rink

How to Make an Ice Skate Rink

An ice rink is a special rink designed for those who want to enjoy different winter sports like figure skating and ice hockey. It has two types, namely the natural ice rink and the artificial ice rink. If you want to have a nice time with your family and relatives, it is best to build an ice skate rink in your place. To know how to make an ice skate rink, you need to follow the simple procedures discussed below.


Look for a place in your backyard where you like to make the rink. Get a shovel and remove the snow area where you will build the rink. The area should have a measurement of at least 15 x 25 feet. The area should have a depth of one foot to two feet. Set aside and wait until the temperature reaches 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Get a garden hose and spray water on the area. Check the area the next morning. When the water became ice, you can spray water again. Continue doing the process until you attain your preferred height of the skating rink.

Additional Tips and Other Important Information

To ensure that you make a presentable ice skating rink, you need to plan the rink ahead of time. One of the factors that you should consider are the sports that you want to play in the rink. If you like to play hockey in the area, then you need to allot space for walls as well as the goals. On the other hand, if you will use the rink for figure skating, you should focus on maximizing the skating area and you do not need to consider materials to be installed.

To avoid experiencing delays, you need to gather the materials before you start the project. Some of the companies that sell hockey materials are the RinkRake and the NiceRink. You also need plywood and brackets for the walls of the rink. Before you make the ice skating rink, it is best to install the materials. For instance, if you are using the rink for ice hockey, you need to install the goals and the endboards before you freeze water in the area.

To maintain the rink, you should have a plastic liner. Use this to cover the area so that the water will not leak from the area. You can purchase the plastic liner at agricultural stores. If you cannot find the plastic, you can substitute it with tarpaulins.