How to Build a Gazebo

How to Build a Gazebo

Putting up a gazebo in your garden will go a long way towards making it more attractive. If you know how to build a gazebo, you’ll also be able to have a cover for those scorching summer days.

Required Tools and Materials

Nails or screws
Concrete mixture
Building materials

Step 1

Make a blueprint design of the gazebo. Include the measurements in your sketch layout. You will be using this as a guide for the construction, so add detail to it.

Step 2

Find a suitable spot in your garden. Make sure that it will fit the gazebo you are designing. Or you can choose the garden site and base your design on the available space. Get the materials after you make the sketch design and measurements.

Step 3

Remove any debris in the chosen area. If necessary, level it. To learn how to build a gazebo properly, you must set it on level ground. Dig a hole at least four inches deep and take out the sod. Pour the cement in the hole.

Step 4

Put the posts in the holes. You can use a level or tape measure to align the posts. Set the joist hangers on the posts. Add braces to fortify the structure.

Step 5

Saw and assemble the wood boards to make the flooring. Place the floor on the appropriate spot. It is a good idea to leave gaps. This is for drainage purposes.

Step 6

Refer to your sketch guide for cutting the columns to the right height. Align these with the posts. Nail or screw these onto the floor and base. Set wood pieces on top of the columns.

Step 7

Now you have to make the roof. You can use wood or other roofing materials. Cut and shape the roof as desired. Put the roof up. You
may need some assistance here. Secure the roof using the joists. Use the ladder to join the roofing onto the joists.

Tips and Warnings

Gazebos can assume different forms. Square is the most popular, but you can also make it into a circle or octagon. There are also hexagon shaped gazebos. Make sure you wear gloves when cutting the wood. It will protect your eyes.

After you learn how to build a gazebo, add some flowers and / or plants. You can also paint the structure in different colors. However, it is much better if you paint the pieces before they are assembled.