How to Make a Wakeboard Slider

If you’re interested in building a wakeboard slider, try the following techniques. When it’s done, you’ll see how it can jazz up your wakeboarding adventures.

Required Tools and Materials

Foam floats
PVC pipes (3” thick)
Metal bar
Saw or other tool for cutting the pipe
Concrete blocks

Step 1

Start by deciding how long the slider is going to be. Just to be safe, make it 20 feet. When designing, set one end to point down the water; this will make for better transition.

Step 2

Take the PVC and cut it into six parts. The two long pieces will run the slider length. The smaller pipes will be for the ends.

Step 3

The next step to building a wakeboard slider is to put the metal bar in four floats. The four floats need to be spaced out equally. The bar will be used to keep the floats in the water. Set the pipes along these foam floats.

Leave a space between it so the wakeboard fin can go through it. Take the smaller ends to each pipe’s end. Done properly, the seam will be on the slider’s descent.

Step 4

Secure the pipes to the floats with the bolts. Try shaking them a bit to see if everything is secure. Get your wakeboard and stand on it. The structure should be able to carry your weight.

Step 5

Secure the ropes on the end of every float. Take the other end of the ropes. Secure them to the concrete blocks. If you’re building a wakeboard slider this is necessary to hold everything in place.

How to Make Wakeboard Sliders: Method II

Required Tools and Materials

Four pieces of PVC (3” thick, 30 ft long)
Several bolts
Four pieces of foam floats
Cement blocks

Step 1

Position the floats 10 feet distant from each other. Now set the pipes above the floats. No matter what pipe length you use, there should be a space between them as in the other method. Take the bolts and secure the pipes.

Step 2

Flip them over. Get the cables and insert them in the foam floats. If needed, makes holes to set the cables in place.

Step 3

You’re almost done building a wakeboard slider. Get some more cable or rope. Fasten these to the blocks and the floats.

Tips and Warnings

If you’re an experienced wakeboarder you can use any length you want. For beginners, the 20 ft to 30 ft length is suitable. Generally, the slider shouldn’t be more than 2 ½ ft over the water. The spacing of the floats by ten feet is not set in stone. You can try other settings if you want.

These types of wakeboard sliders are portable, meaning you can take them with you anywhere you go. Do not try difficult jumps and twists unless you have the know-how and experience.

When you’re building a wakeboard slider for the first time, keep safety in mind. You can always try other pipe lengths when you’re ready.

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