Auto Repair How To

Auto Repair How To

Not all car owners know how to do auto repairs. However, knowing how it is done can save you some money and a visit to the car mechanic.

Required Tools and Materials

Safety goggles
Block of wood
Primer paint
Body filler
Latex gloves
Body hammer
Q tips
Rubbing compound
Car paint
Soap and water
Orbital sander
Microfiber cloths

How to Fix Car Dents

Various methods can be used to fix car dents provided the metal is not yet visible and paint has not been chipped.

Method 1

Apply some car wash water and soap on the affected area. Set a plunger above the dent or to the middle of the dent. Pull the dent out using the plunger. This method is best for light dents.

Method 2

If the plunger doesn’t work, put a wood block on the ridge or peak around the dent’s outer part. Tap the wood block in using your hammer. Tap it lightly. This will push the metal up and pop up the dent. You can also try this on high points on the auto where the affected area is higher than the vehicle.

How to Do Auto Repair on Scratches

The techniques will depend on how deep the scratch is and the dimensions of the scratch.

Step 1

If the scratch has exposed the metal, apply touch up paint. Use color that matches up with your car. If needed, use a sandpaper stick on the scratch first.

You can use a stick applicator or a Q tip to paint over the area. Do not use a brush as it will spread the paint all over the surface.

Apply a thick paint coat so the coat is higher than the surface of the auto. Let the paint dry.

Step 2

When you are done, apply 800 grit sandpaper on it. Keep sanding until it is even with the rest of the surface.

Step 3

Buff the area with the microfiber cloth.

How to Repair Light Scratches

Step 1

Put some medium to fine polish onto a polishing pad. Apply the polisher on the affected part. Use circular movements.

Step 2

Use a sponge to apply a coat of carnuba wax. Make sure the sponge you are going to use is damp. After 5 minutes, buff the wax using a clean soft cloth.

As the facts show, you can learn how to do auto repairs without too much trouble. The materials are easily obtainable and you just need to invest some time here.