How To Make A Room Divider

The instructions here will show you how to make a room divider with three panels. It is 8 ft long and 6 ft high. You’ll need to get more materials if you’re going to build a larger divider.

Required Tools and Materials

Two 4 x 8 sheets of MDF (medium density fiberboard)
Measuring tape
Safety glasses
Hinges with screws
Table saw
Decorative materials (optional)

Step 1

Get the MDF and the table saw. Use the T square and draw a horizontal line. Create a mark at six feet vertically. Cut along these lines. Measure the same board in the center. You’ll have two feet on both sides. Cut along this mark. You’ll have two boards 6 ft long by 2 ft wide.

Step 2

To make a room divider, get another MDF and make similar cuts. After you finish cutting, you’ll end up with four boards 6 ft high and 2 ft wide.

Step 3

Get the measuring tape. Determine where you want to put the hinges. Generally, the hinges should be a foot from the bottom and top of the board. There needs to be at least two hinges linking the two boards. Use three hinges to make the boards stronger.

Step 4

After making the measurements, install the hinges. Ensure the hinge is exactly where they should be. Drill the holes. Fasten this to the board. Repeat these steps for the other hinges.

Step 5

Get another board. To make a room divider, you need to align this with the board you just screwed on. This is very important so the room divider will be level when set up. When the board is aligned, secure it with the hinges.

Make sure the hinges on the second board have the same distance and alignment as the first board. The number of holes and screws should be the same as the first board.

Step 6

Repeat the procedures for the other boards until you have four boards linked by hinges.

Step 7

Stand the room divider up. Now you can set it up anywhere in the room you want. With the hinges, you’ll be able to fold any of the dividers with ease.

Tips and Warnings

After you make a room divider, you can paint the boards. Decorate it in any manner you like. Just allow for the paint to dry before using it. If you don’t want to use the divider for now, just fold it. Because of the hinges, you can put in the closet or any corner.
It’s much easier to use a thinner MDF. This will make them easier to fold.

Think of how big the room is; this will help you decide how high and wide the room divider will be. The room divider is easy to create; just make sure the measurements are right and the hinges aligned correctly.

It only takes a little time to make a room divider. Just keep in mind the divider is more suited for large spaces; in smaller rooms the divider will take more space.

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