How to Make a Putting Green

To build a putting green, you’ll need to do more than just lay down some grass. A lot of planning and thinking has to be done before any work is actually started.

Required Tools and Materials

Cup cutter
Sand and peat mixture
Crushed stone
Putting green cups
Grass or green sod

Step 1

Decide right now if you want to buy and install everything or hire people to install the greens for you. Installing it by yourself will take more time. However, getting professionals to install them will cost you at least $5,000.

Step 2

Pick an area with good drainage. If you want to build a putting green in your yard, choose the site that has the best irrigation possible. The last thing you’ll want is to have a putting green that’s soaked.

Step 3

Mark the spot of the putting green itself. An area measuring 1,000 sq ft is suitable. If you can spare more space, that’s even better. Of course it will still depend on the design and how many people you expect to play there. When you have the dimensions, get the supplies.

Step 4

Now you can create the base layer. Pour in a layer of dirt on the site. The next step to build a putting green is to add a layer of crushed stone on the dirt. This will be for the drainage. Add a layer of sand and peat. This will help the grass grow.

Step 5

The two most popular grass types are Creeping Bent Grass and Bermuda. The latter is more suited for warmer places while Bent Grass is more suited for cooler states. If you live in another country, choose the grass that’s best for your weather.

Step 6

Get the seeds and fertilizers. Follow the instructions that come with the package on how to use them. The final step to build a putting green is to add the cups. Use the cup cutter to install them properly. Put the hole an inch below the grass’ surface.

Natural or Synthetic Grass

There are many types of synthetic grass, including polypropylene or nylon turf. Some prefer natural grass, but the key here is research. If you want natural grass, pick the ones suited for your area. Before buying synthetic grass, do some research on the Web. This will allow you to get some feedback on their reliability.

Tips and Warnings

Natural grass needs to be maintained regularly. It needs to be fertilized and moved. If you don’t know how to design a putting green, there are several companies that can offer suggestions. While putting in the rocks and the sand isn’t that hard, making it look good requires effort.

Look at your surroundings and try to make the greens blend in with your garden design. Again, maintenance is essential for natural grass.

The time it takes to build a putting green will depend on the size. But as you can see, equal time should be given to the planning stage too.

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