How to Fix Computers

The bulk of the steps you will on how to fix computers will be to troubleshoot the symptoms in order to identify the cause of the problem or determine a possible way to fix the issue. Solid troubleshooting skills will require more technical know how than what the average computer user possesses.

You will eventually be adjusting with computer settings, running diagnostic tools and commands, and testing hardware. If need be, and if all else fails, you will have to know how to replace a broken down computer part or reinstall a corrupted operating system, which also entails reinstalling all the other applications that were previously installed.


You will be troubleshooting a problem before jumping into any kind of conclusion as to what is causing a computer problem. The process of diagnosing the current computer issue will require you to answer questions that allow you to dig deeper into the possible causes of the current situation. You will most likely be probing and then testing as you figure out how to fix computers and related problems and issues.

Checking for Changes

One of the important things to check out is a possible change in the hardware, software, or the environment surrounding the computer system. You will have to ask when was the last time the computer system was fully functional. You will have to determine what changes were made since the last time the computer was running smoothly.

The next step would be to try and undo the said changes. This may require you to uninstall any software or hardware installed since your last system check. If a certain piece of hardware needs to be replaced you will have to know how to remove it from the system and put in a new part. In case that you are dealing with a computer software issue, you will have to check for information from the authors of the said software in order to fix the current computer problem.

Error Messages

When you’re trying to figure out how to fix computers, you should pay close attention to any error messages that your computer displays. The most common error messages we will encounter are the ones that appear on the computer screen. The other errors are expressed either in beep codes or flashing LED lights to indicate a possible hardware failure.

You can look up the many different error messages online and will even find solutions to the said problems. Certain software issues will require you to install security patches or some other software. Other issues will have you uninstall certain software applications. There is a wealth of information online when you are looking for a solution for a specific issue on how to fix computers.

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