How to Make a Breakfast Bar

How to Make a Breakfast Bar

We usually see breakfast bars installed in upscale kitchens, which basically means they are usually more expensive than the regular setup we have at home. Another reason why they often catch our attention is that these breakfast bars are indeed real conveniences. You can extend the room in your kitchen and get more space to store stuff that you might need and entertain guests at the same time.

We?ll walk you through the process to make a breakfast bar on your very own. You?ll be saving yourself several dollars in the process rather than spending a lot when you purchase one. This will require some work and a bit of carpentry skills but it is nevertheless doable if you have the time.

Needed Materials and Tools

You?ll need the following tools to make a breakfast bar: reciprocating saw, drill, screws, router, hammer, tape measure, contact adhesive, dowel, and a roller to be used for your wood adhesive. You?ll also need the following materials: plywood, 2×4 lumber, base cabinets (about three of them), countertop laminate, and edge banding.

Take every necessary precaution with power tools. This basically means that you have to wear gloves, goggles, and other necessary protective gear. A good money saving tip with the cabinets is that you don?t have to buy a new set of cabinets. You can use ones that have been previously removed or at least pre-owned.

If you have remodeled your kitchen and have set aside the old cabinets then you can recycle those into your breakfast bar. You can also get this old unwanted stuff, including the countertops, from a thrift store that sells home supplies. You?ll be surprised at the amount of money you can save by spending a little more time asking around and haggling.

Steps to Make a Breakfast Bar at Home

Here?s what you need to do in order to make a breakfast bar. To stop the drywall from tearing when you work on them, cut along the lines of the corners on both the ceiling and your wall. Do not cut near any of the outlets. Be sure to inspect the wiring inside the walls.

Once you have outlined the space where you want to make a breakfast bar it is time to demolish the wall between your kitchen and dining room. If ever you?re not familiar with doing the wiring you should contact a contractor do the rewiring for you. Be sure to remove any nails found in the studs.

Make a frame when you make a breakfast bar using the 2x4s. Install your frame using screws and install the drywall on either side of it. After that you may build the base for your cabinets. Attach the cabinets to base afterwards. You may use both clamps and screws to put them in place.

Cut the countertop to your desired dimensions and be sure to round off any corners. Cut your laminate to a length that extends about an inch on the sides and turn it upside down on the installed countertop. Coat the laminate and the plywood with contact adhesive.

Lay the dowels on the countertop and then lay the laminate on top of them. Next, pull out the dowels one by one and let the laminate get in contact with the plywood. Make sure to roll out any bubbles that form in between when they have bonded. Trim off any edges using a router and then apply the banding on the smoothened edges.