How to Maintain Your ATV Battery

How to Maintain Your ATV Battery

Also known as ATVs, all terrain vehicles are vehicles that have low pressure tires, a steering control and handlebars. Maintaining an ATV battery is important to ensure that the vehicle can be used for a long time. To know how to maintain your ATV battery, it is best to start with knowing the things that you can do and you cannot do. It is also necessary to begin with determining the type of battery used in your vehicle; whether the vehicle has a floated battery or the Absorbed Glass Mat battery. Below are the simple tips that can be followed to maintain the battery properly.


It is essential that you check the battery at least twice a year. When you check the battery, do this in a weekend because you need to clean it and check the condition of parts attached to the battery. Remember to remove jewelry and other accessories before you check it. Wear gloves as well as old clothes that you can discard after doing the task.

When you check the battery, the first thing to do is to make a mixture of a pint of water and three spoons of baking soda. Purchase distilled water and refill the fluid in the battery. Get a charger and attach the charger to the battery. Check the connecting points of the battery while it is charging. Rub Petroleum Jelly, Vaseline or grease on the connecting points. If the positive points are loose, you need to tighten these. Check if there are problems with the negative connections. Clean the connections. After you charged the battery, it is important to test if the battery is still functioning well.

Testing the Battery

To test the battery of your vehicle, there are materials that you need such as a battery testing hydrometer and a digital voltmeter. In addition to these, you should have a digital load tester. After you get all the materials, you need to check if there are cracks in the battery and damages in the terminals. Get the manual or the specifications of the battery.

Use the hydrometer to check the status of cells. Attach the voltmeter to the terminals and read the voltage. Use the digital testing equipment to do a load test. Identify the kind of load tester that the vehicle is using. The test is important to know if the battery has been damaged. If there are problems with the test results, then you need to replace the battery.