How to Build a Solar Panel

How to Build a Solar Panel

By knowing how to build solar panels, you will be able to save on the costs of purchasing prefabricated panels. Here is how to do it.

Required Tools and Materials

Solar cell array
Silicone caulk
Heat-resistant adhesive
Copper wire
Electrical jack
Blocking diode
45 3/4-inch by 22 1/4-inch piece of plywood
Masonite pegboard about the same size as the plywood
3/4- by 3/4-inch wood molding, 135 inches in length
45 3/4-inch by 22 1/4-inch piece of Plexiglas
36 mono-crystalline solar cells

Step 1

Set the solar cells on the wood face down. Position them in six rows.

Step 2

Solder the individual cells into arrays. Create the connections using different copper wires for the negative and positive poles. Begin from the top left cell. Finish at the bottom left cell. The solder points should touch.

Make sure there is sufficient wiring to connect the electrical jack and the diode. Before you continue to study how to build solar panels, use the voltmeter to test the array. Take care you do not damage the cells.

Step 3

Put the adhesive on each cell’s back. Put the Masonite pegboard on the cells. Turn the arrangement over. The cells will not be on the pegboard, not the plywood. Slice any pegboard excesses.

Step 4

Make a frame by the plywood perimeter with the 3/4-inch by 3/4-inch lumber.

Step 5

Put the pegboard with the cells within the frame. Fasten this on the pegboard.

Step 6

Make a notch on the frame. This will allow the extra wire on the array to pass through.

Step 7

Solder the electrical jack and the blocking diode on the excess wire projecting from the frame. Make sure the wiring is consistent. The negative wire should be soldered on the negative connection.

The positive wire should be soldered to the positive connection. The positive and negative connections will be stated in the jack and diode.

Step 8

Put Plexiglas all over the panel. Secure the Plexiglas and caulk the edges.

Tips and Warnings

The most expensive components will be the mono-crystalline cells. You can buy chipped or cracked cells at much lower prices. It is true that this will generate less electricity. But once the cells are soldered, this should not be a problem.

Anyone who wants to know how to build solar panels should be prepared to spend some time working on it. The measurements are very important, but even more so are the connections. Do not forget to test it during the points indicated here.