How to Maintain Grill Burners

Grill burners have different styles and shapes. These are made from various materials like steel and alloy. Grill burners are the most used parts of grills. There are different factors that affect how often you will replace the burners such as the materials used, environmental conditions and the times you use the grill. To avoid replacing the burners often, it is important that you know how to maintain grill burners properly. Below are the easy steps that you can follow if you want to use the burners for several years.


If you have sufficient budget when you purchase a grill, it is best if you choose the item that has cast brass burners because if you buy stainless steel and porcelain coated burners, the materials are prone to flaking and drying. To maintain the burners, you need to clean these with a wire brush. Make sure that you remove food residues as well as corrosion. It is also important to check the gas holes of the burners because these are usually clogged. In addition, you can use a pipe cleaner to remove clogs and in the burners. When you see that the parts were badly corroded, you need to replace these immediately to avoid damaging the other parts of the grill.

To maintain the burners properly, you should inspect the grill regularly because it is used outdoor and is exposed to various weather. When you use the grill and the flame was not evenly distributed, then you need to check it. Do not close the hood of the grill when you use it. Check if the venture tubes of the grill are in right position whenever the color of the flames is too yellow. The color of the flames can also indicate problems with the opening as well as proper adjustment of the tubes.

Steps in Cleaning Grill Burners

To clean the burners, the first thing to do is to turn off the grill and disassemble the parts. If you prefer to use a homemade cleaning solution for the burners, you need to mix a cup of distilled vinegar in a gallon of hot water. Add a teaspoon of dish detergent in the mixture. Transfer this mixture in a spray bottle and apply on the cover of the burners. Scrub the debris as well as the grease from the burners. After cleaning the burners, be sure that you assemble the parts of the grill properly to avoid having problems when you use it.

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