How to Maintain Color Contact Lenses

How to Maintain Color Contact Lenses

Placed on the cornea of the eyes, contact lenses are used for therapeutic, cosmetic and corrective purposes. Some people use them as a fashion sense, especially the color contact lenses. Compared to eyeglasses, they are virtually invisible and lightweight. Today, approximately 125 million people are using them all over the world, about 13 million of which are in Japan while 38 million are in the U.S. Many individuals love them because of their practicality and appearance. For those who wish to buy one, it is good to learn how to maintain color contact lenses.

Materials Needed

Maintaining color contact lenses is a moderate task. To complete this, you only need a few materials including enzymatic tablets, a case with screw-on lids and a no-rub multipurpose solution. Once you have these items, you can start right away and proceed with the cleaning process.


Before you handle the lenses, it is important to wash your hands first. This is true, whether you are taking them off or are just about to wear them. This is quite important because lint and dust can cause problems to your eyes. Disinfect your lenses regularly with the help of a no-rub multipurpose solution. The solution must be labeled ‘no rub’ in order to eliminate the need to rub the color contact lenses when cleaning. With this, the color as well as the performance of the lenses can be preserved.

Use enzymatic tablets to clean the lenses. Do this at least once each week, especially for the extended wear lenses. This is a very effective process of disinfecting the lenses, which is susceptible to dirt and bacteria after longer use. Always store the lenses is a safe and clean place, preferably a case with screw-on lids. This is quite common in people who use lenses for cosmetic or artistic purposes. The lids prevent the solution from leaking out of the case.

Soaking them in the right solution can actually give the lens the flexibility and moisture they need to be efficient. Without doing this, the lenses can harden and dry up. Never share or swap the lenses to other people. This practice can actually prevent the transfer and trading of bacteria from one person to another. Furthermore, the exchange of lenses can actually cause injury, irritation or redness to the eyes.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

When planning to buy color contact lenses, always go to eye care professionals. Buying them from unskilled and unauthorized dealers can eventually lead to injuries and other undesirable outcomes. Have a comfortable and safe experience wearing color contact lenses by buying them from skilled and authorized people only.