How to Install Flagstone Pavers

How to Install Flagstone Pavers

Flagstone pavers add natural beauty to your backyard. It usually brings the added elegance that your yard needs, which is perfect if you want to want to spend nice relaxing afternoons after a hard day’s work. It is necessary to follow instructions to the letter if you want to successfully install flagstone pavers.

Installation Methods and Necessary Tools

There are three approaches in order to install flagstone pavers. You can install them on sand bedding, on bare ground, or you can even try concrete. Whether you use one method of installation or another you will still need the same basic tools. You’ll need a concrete joint tool, trowels, a broom, level, safety glasses, and gloves. You should also bring out a tape measure, a mallet, a few forming materials, sand, mortar mix, and flagstone.

Create the Design

The first step to installing flagstone pavers is to sketch what outcome you would like to achieve. You should plan ahead and put your ideas on paper before working on the project. This will also help you estimate if you lack any necessary materials to do the job. Purchase any additional materials that you need before doing any type of excavation.

Setting up the Base

This will be one of the really crucial steps to install flagstone pavers. Your method of installation will no doubt coincide with the material you wish to use as your base for the pieces of flagstone. You should choose one that is appropriate for your yard. Choose any of the three aforementioned materials to use as your base. You should compact the said material on the area where you wish to install.

Before you start loading your base material you should first figure out the soil grade of the selected site. If you are building on moist soil you should give several inches of topsoil to act as additional base material. Firm soil, on the other hand, will only require enough excavation to accommodate the mortar, sand, and the pavers.

After that you can start marking out the area where you will excavate. After making the outline remove the necessary material to give way for the pavers and other stuff you’ll use for the base. After that you can fill in the area you dug out with your base material and then compact and level it. Make sure to compact in four inch layers as a form of best practice.

Once your base is done you can now layout your flagstone pavers. Place the pieces one by one and tap them down using a wooden mallet. You can apply mortar to your pavers if you wish.

When you’re done laying down the pavers evenly spread some sand on the joints until they are completely filled. Sprinkle some water on the joints and let it all dry. Repeat this process until all the joints are hardened.