How to Build a Wind Turbine

How to Build a Wind Turbine

There are many ways to build a wind turbine, but the following is a relatively simple method. With the right equipment, it should take you no more than three hours.

Required Tools and Materials

Welding tools
Socket set
Stand or base
2×4 lumber (ten pieces)
Rotating hub (rear bicycle wheel, sprockets and axle)
Propellers (wood or metal)

Step 1

Cut the propellers from metal or wood sheets. Cut the blades so there is a 30 degree angle at the hub when seen around the end. The rotation will be opposed the angle of deflection.

Make sure the propellers will be set in the right directions. It is vital to create the blades big enough to turn the apparatus. The propeller has to be thinner at the ends close to the hub.

Step 2

Connect the propellers on the hub. You can do this by welding or bolting it to the bicycle wheel. You can also weld it to a disk that is secured and centered at the wheel. You can use a pie plate or hubcap for the cover. Just make sure that they are fastened on the bicycle wheel spokes.

Step 3

Use the bolts and backing plate to secure them. You can also use screws and a pipe tape. The lighter the windmill, the quicker it will spin. Make sure the wheel sprockets are on the windmill’s rear.

Step 4

To build a wind turbine, fasten the wheel to the mount. You can use a bicycle’s frame forks as a stand. You can also build a mount using PVC pipes or 2×4 lumbers.

Step 5

Connect the equipment to the sprockets to the bike’s rear wheel. You can use the bicycle chain and another sprocket. Bolt or weld the equipment. Make sure that it is centered. Make sure the sprocket is smaller gear ratio wise compared to the sprocket of the windmill.

Step 6

The final step is to set up the wind turbine up. Once there is a breeze, you can monitor the wind speed as it rises and falls.

Tips and Warnings

A directional vane can be added to the design, but it is not needed. Always wear safety gear when you build a wind turbine. Be careful especially when cutting the blades.

As stated earlier, there are other ways to construct the wind turbine. But this method is suitable for beginners. Aside from being easy, it will give you an idea of the principles involved and how the thing works.