How to Install a Towel Bar

People need towel bars in order to hang towels in the bathroom especially if you have the habit of keeping them there to dry. If that is the common practice in your family then you should construct or install a towel bar that is sturdy enough to hold both wet and dry towels. We’ll walk you through a set of very easy steps to install one in your bathroom.

Required Items

In order to install a towel bar you’ll need the following items: masking tape, measuring tape, pencil, power drill, drill bits, stud finder, wall anchors, level, screw drivers, and, of course, a towel bar.


The first thing you need to do to install a towel bar is to figure out where you want it located in your bathroom. The ideal place to put them is near the shower or tub so that you won’t have to reach that far just to grab a towel. Another place you might want to consider is close to the sink since you’ll also need to easily grab a towel from there as well.

Some people would prefer to install one towel bar near the tub or shower and another one near the sink. That might sound like a good idea in order to avoid making a choice regarding the towel bar’s location. However, one thing you should check out with that option is if you have enough space in your bathroom to accommodate two towel bars. However, never position a towel bar behind a door. That will surely cause some damage both to the door and the towel bar.

When you install a towel bar you normally would put it up at a height of about 48 inches measuring from your bathroom floor. This is somewhat a standard and suits most people very well. Next locate the studs on your towel bar using a stud finder. Studs are usually spaced about two feet apart.

Hold the bar against the wall on the spot you want to install it. Use a carpenter’s level to make sure that the bar is leveled properly. Make sure to mark the location where you want to install. Use a pencil or some other marker to point out where you should be drilling your mounting holes.

Before you start drilling, check if you have the correct drill bit that will fit the screws. Check the packaging and look for the required size of a hole for the wall fastener. Next, you need to mount your assembly onto the wall. The last step to install a towel bar is to mount it over the hardware you just affixed. Use screws to attach the towel bar on the mounting anchors.

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