How to Build a Murphy Bed

If you need an extra bed but can’t afford to buy a new one, you can build a Murphy bed instead. The nice thing about this bed is it can be tucked away if not needed.

Required Tools and Materials

Drill with bits
Wood glue
Wood screws
Wood boards

Step 1

Choose a wall that you will employ for the bed. Be certain that it is lengthy enough for the mattress width and a couple of bookcases. Put on your safety glasses before you start building this bed.

Step 2

Get the two bookshelves. They have to be deeper and taller than the mattress. These will be utilized for the sides of the bed.

Step 3

Note where the shelves are going be placed at the wall. You can mark the spot using a pen. When you build a Murphy bed, make sure to utilize a reciprocating saw to score the baseboards. This way you will be certain they will be set against the wall.

Step 4

Locate the studs at the wall. This is where the shelves are going to be set. Position the shelves at the wall. Employ the screws for the mounting.

Step 5

Make the frame with the 1 x 12 boards. Put wood glue on and nail it. Make openings where the turns join up. Put the brackets on the corners.

Step 6

Apply the 2 x 8 to make the board that will connect the bed on the wall. This is the ledger board. Make it longer than the bed frame bottom.

Step 7

Chop the MDF to the bed frame size. Utilize construction glue to fasten the MDF on the frame. Make openings and fasten the MDF with screws. Set the screws on 7 inch spaces.

Step 8

Turn over the frame. Put 2 inch brackets to secure side rails on the MDF.

Step 9

Connect the ledger to the bed frame with the six inch gate hinges.

Step 10

Stand the frame by using the blocks. Fasten the ledger using the 3 inch bolts on the studs. Position it with the shelves.

Step 11

Put casters on the bed’s bottom. Conceal it by making a frame from the MDF.

Step 12

Add some paint and trim molding on the bed and the bookshelves. Let the paint dry.

After you build a Murphy bed, place the mattress on the box. Put the sliding bolts on the bookshelves. Create the holes below the shelves. Put the lag bolts there.

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