How to Install a Racquetball Rubber Grip

Usually played with a hallow rubber ball, racquetball is a very exciting sport that makes use of a stringed racquet for the improvement of control and velocity. Unlike other racquet sports like badminton and tennis, the legal playing surfaces include the ceiling, the floor as well as the walls of the court. Many people love it because it challenges their precision, speed and concentration. For those who wish to take part on this game, it is important to learn how to install a racquetball rubber grip.

Materials Needed

The game can be played well if the racquet is equipped with a rubber grip. To be able to install this properly, you need glue, scissors and an awl. Likewise, be sure to bring in some tissues and a reliable rubber grip in order to achieve desirable results.


Before you install the grip, you need to apply ample amount of glue first on the handle. This will guarantee that the grip remains in place after the installation process. One of the most trusted brands for this is the Gasgacinch gasket sealer. Many individuals prefer to use this product because it works well with rubber grips. For clear grips, it is advisable to use hairspray. Other possible options but are seldom used include lighter fluid and WD 40.

At the butt-end of the racquet, slowly remove the lacer. After that, take off the old grip and other things that can lead to any kind of discomfort. In case the old grip is a wrap grip, a staple is usually found underneath the handle. You must remove the staple first before you can take off the grip. Stretch the opening of the rubber grip and then slowly slide the racquet handle right inside it.

In case the rubber grip is longer than the handle, get the scissors and then cut it first until the appropriate length is achieved. Try not to cut too much as you do not want the grip to be short. After that, use it to cover the racquet handle. Squeeze out air and excess glue that are trapped inside the grip. By doing this, you can eliminate wrinkles as well. In case there are excess glue, get some tissue or napkin and then wipe it off slowly. Allow the glue to dry off before playing.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Details

Be careful not to spill glue right onto your clothes. When cutting the rubber grip, be sure not to overdo it. Just to be sure the grip would stick well, apply some more glue on both ends of the grip.

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