How to Build a Roof

How to Build a Roof

Knowing how to build a roof can save you the cost of hiring a carpenter to make one. These instructions are for making a pitch roof.

Required Tools and Materials

Power miter saw
Nuts and bolts
Sketch design of the roof

Step 1

Design the roof first. You can draw one on paper or use computer software. Decide right now if you want a hip roof, slanted roof, double pitch or something else.

Step 2

Determine the roof dimensions. You should incorporate the roof size in your sketch or in the computer program. Make sure the supports and rafter sizes are accounted for. The information you get here will determine the amount of material needed.

Step 3

Anyone who wants to know how to build a roof should always start with the frame. Cut the frame parts. Get help from your assistant if necessary. Get one of the rafters and cut it to size. Do the same for the other frame and rafter pieces.

The number of pieces required depends on how big the roof is. The larger the roof is the more pieces will be needed.

Step 4

Put the braces in between and perpendicular to the rafters. This will keep the rafters uniformly spaced and square. Conceal the rafters with tar paper and plywood. Note the parallel lines with a chalk line on the tar paper.

Step 5

Put the shingles in place by nailing them. Begin at the lowest row. Work your way all the way to the roof top. Work only on a single row at a time. Allow the shingles to overhang at the bottom and sides. The overhang should be ¾ inches.

Step 6

The final step is to paint the roof. The color and style is up to you. Just make sure to let it dry according to the product directions.

Tips and Warnings

Take care when handling the roof especially if it is set up high. Wear goggles and gloves when cutting the wood pieces. Make sure the rafter sizes are correct. Make adjustments if needed. It is best to create the roof during the summertime. Rain can make the task very difficult.

Understanding how to build a roof is easy. But actually making one takes a lot of time and patience. If you are making one for the first time, it is best if someone is there to assist you. Use your sketch or printed layout plan as a guide.