How to Install a Pool Winter Cover

A winter pool cover serves as a protection for your pool whenever it is not in use. It protects your pool from algae, debris, and chemical loss especially when the winter months finally arrive. Pool covers will have grommets which are to be located along its perimeter. When installing this kind of pool cover you should take extra care since you don’t want to make any tears or any other forms of damage.

Equipment and Tools

In order to install your winter pool cover you will need to prepare the following tools and equipment: pool cover, pool clips, and some old towels.

Steps to Install Your Winter Pool Cover

Winterize the Pool – Before you start to install your winter pool cover, it is absolutely necessary to winterize your pool. This is a significant step that consists of thoroughly cleaning the pool, taking off the pump and filter, decreasing the water level down to the level of the skimmer and return fitting, and putting in the suitable pool chemicals. Even if the pool cover is made of really strong material, covering all the sharp corners and protrusions within the swimming pool using some old towels or pieces of foam is absolutely necessary to avoid any tear and damage to the pool cover.

Placing the Pool Cover –
The size of the entire pool cover that you must purchase should be larger than the size of the pool. Ideally, there should be an overlap allowance of three to four feet so that your pool will be covered completely with enough overhangs on the sides to secure the pool cover in place. To start to install your winter pool cover, you should ask some help from another person to spread the pool cover over the entire surface of your pool. Make sure that the overlapping parts of the pool cover is even on all sides.

Securing the Pool Cover – Once you have done placing the pool cover on the entire surface of your pool, it is now time to secure it in place. Around the edges of the pool cover, you may notice some grommets or loops. You need to insert the cables through these grommets then both ends of the cable must be attached to the holes that are located on the opposite sides of the winch. To securely install your winter pool cover, you must pull the ends of the cable as hard as you possibly can then start to slowly rotate the winch in order to tighten the pool cover.

Covering the Sides of Your Pool –
Once the pool cover is already secured in its place on the top of your pool, making some cover for the entire perimeter of the poolside is also necessary. Unsecured side covers will always flap with the wind that will result to the weakening of the pool cover that will cause tearing and other significant damages. You can do some of these methods to secure the side cover of your pool after you have finish to install your winter pool cover. Placing water filled pool cover bags around the inner perimeter of the pool cover can secure it against any wind damage. The grommets of the bags must be securely connected to the cable of the pool cover. You can also use a winter cover seal around the edge of your pool. Pool clips can also be use to securely hold the pool cover in place.

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