How to Build a Green House

If you want to plant all year long, you should build a greenhouse. There are several types of greenhouses, but certain factors have to be considered regardless of the type you are building.

Required Tools and Materials

Heavy duty wire
Plant racks
Galvanized steel
UV resistant film
Steel door hinges
Tubular steel hoops
Batten tape

Step 1

Choose an area that gets plenty of sunlight. Make sure also the ground is level. If necessary, flatten the ground.

Step 2

Get the wood slats or plastic frames. Place them on the ground. Cut them to size if needed. Make sure to measure in a diagonal manner if you want the structure squared. Fasten the plates and base using the galvanized nails. If you are using water pipes, leave space for it.

Step 3

Create the walls using fiberglass frames, glass or plastic. Secure these on three sides when you build a greenhouse. You can secure them more tightly by using adhesives and galvanized nails. No matter which material you use, make certain the walls are secured to the foundation.

Step 4

The third step involves making the roof. Saw the frames to size. Secure these to three of the walls. Again, you should use galvanized nails and adhesives.

Step 5

Position the window and the entrance frame on the 4th side. Fasten the door using the hinges. Connect the door and windows to the frames nearby. Make certain the door and the windows are fastened to the frames and are very tight.

Step 6

Use the UV resistant film as cover for the structure. If needed, apply wire and batten tape on it.

Step 7

Install the plant racks. Do not cram the place. There has to be room for you to walk around.

Tips and Warnings

Hire an electrician to fix the wirings. You should also hire the services of an expert to lay the pipes in place.

This greenhouse is a freestanding model. However, you can also have the unit attached to the house. If space is limited, use coldframe. The sizes range from four to 48 feet.

Other accessories can also be bought in garden stores. These include clamps and the tubular steel hoops. Take your time when putting the greenhouse together. Do not hurry the process.

Before you build a greenhouse, make sure the site also gets some partial shading. Sunlight is important of course. But shade will also be vital especially if it gets very hot. In other words, planning is essential.

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