How to Install a Home Door Alarm

A home door alarm is very important nowadays to protect the house from harmful and unwanted elements. Thieves, rapists and intruders are always lurking somewhere, just waiting for that perfect moment to attack unsuspecting and helpless victims. With the help of this security device, all these bad things can be prevented easily. Make your house a better and more secure place to stay by learning how to install a home door alarm.

Materials Needed

For this moderately difficult task, you must have a reliable home alarm system. Of course, do not forget to bring in tools for easier installation such as a screwdriver, a drill and bits. Aside from these, you also need a wire, a pen and a notepad. To hold things in their proper places, it can really help to have a double-sided tape.


Before installing the home alarm system you bought, check the owner’s manual first and then read all the important instructions, particularly the ‘How to Get Started’ section. It is also good to look through other important documents like the registration information, installation schematics as well as the warranty. By going through these, particularly the installation schematics, you can be more familiar of how the system works.

Get a pen and paper and then try to plan where you are to place the various components of the home alarm system. Aside from the door, be sure to connect something to the windows, which are some of the easiest access points for intruders to get inside the house. Try to wire the windows, the house-mounted garden trellis as well as the ladders.

One of the most important components to consider is the siren, which will actually alert you in case intruders attempt to enter the house. Put it in a spot where everyone inside the house can hear it. Do not put it in a spot with possible obstructions like cabinets and other home appliances. It must be near an electrical outlet.

Put the mounting plate and then follow it up with the siren. Lock it up tightly in place. Before installing this, it is best to connect the appropriate wires as indicated in the installation schematics. Be sure to follow all the instructions properly.

Next, look for the most convenient place to put the control panel. This is usually positioned next to the main door. It is important to have an electrical outlet near this part. Drill a hole in the wall and then install the control panel. Be sure to put all the wires within the wall to prevent any kind of tampering.

When all of these are properly in place, attach the sensors to the windows and doors one at a time. Use double-sided tape. Connect the home alarm system to the main power source. Try if it is working properly. Enjoy a more safe and secure home.

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