How to Hang Pictures

Leaning how to hang a picture involves more than just putting the frame on a nail or hook. Keep the following in mind before you get started.

Required Tools and Materials

Stud finders
Common nails
Tape measure

Step 1

Put the picture in a place where it can extend furniture lines. Do not put a large picture on a wall if it is crowded with smaller pieces. If the picture is small, avoid putting it into a large empty wall. If you must, put a couple of picture frames beside it.

Step 2

Make sure you hang heavy frames via a beam or wall stud. Do not hang them just on wallboards.

Step 3

To learn how to hang a picture, hold it and make a mark on the wall where the upper edge will be. Use a pencil to make the mark.

Step 4

Make sure you select the right hook. There are many kinds available. There is a hollow wall anchor and two-piece nail-and-hook type available. The hollow wall anchor is suitable for big objects.

Step 5

Grab the wire taut of the picture. Now measure from the hanging tab or wire up to the top edge of the frame. Gauge the distance from the mark you made on the wall. Mark that spot. This will be where the hook ends up on.

Step 6

Nail the picture hook on the spot you have marked. Make adjustments to the picture if necessary. Take a few steps back to see if it is straight. Use the level if necessary to get it right.

How High Should the Picture Be?

Try to keep the picture at eye level. Do not set the picture too high. You do not want people to raise their heads just to see the image.

Tips and Warnings

There are programs on the Internet that can help you align pictures and frames. These programs have different features. However, many of them will do all the calculations needed for hanging.

Aside from pictures, these apps can help you align mirrors, candles, decorative plates and various wall ornaments. Make sure you use sturdy hangers. If you are hanging a large picture, get someone to help you.

Before you learn how to hang a picture, don’t forget that the image can have an effect on the room’s mood. For this reason, you have to choose the images carefully. The colors will also be a factor, so keep that in mind too.

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