How to Fix Xbox 360 Ring of Death

Seeing the Ring of Death on your Xbox 360 doesn’t mean you have to spend a hundred dollars for a repair job. Here are some ways to fix the Xbox 360 Ring of Death at little cost.

Required Tools and Materials

Xbox 360 barcode sticker

Method 1

Turn the console off and unplug the unit. Turn the console back on. Sometimes this can fix the problem. If it does not, turn the console off and unplug it again. Take out the hard drive and put it back in again. Plug Xbox in and turn it on.

Method 2

Step 1

Go to the official Xbox website. Head over to the support portion. There will be a repair option.

Step 2

Log in using your Windows Live ID. Follow any prompts. You will get to a page where your Xbox bar code will be required. Enter the correct numbers.

Step 3

Microsoft will inform you that your unit is covered. A package will be shipped to you. Place your Xbox on the package. Include whatever documents or forms are included in the package.

Step 4

To fix the Xbox 360 Ring of Death using this method, follow the instructions as given by Microsoft. Secure the package and ship it.

Step 5

Microsoft will inform you when they get the package. They will notify you when the unit will be repaired. You can go to the Xbox website to determine your Xbox’s status.

Note: if you have been using the unit for over three years, this may no longer be applicable.

Method 3

Step 1

Turn the console off and unplug it. Take out the hard drive.

Step 2

Put your hand in the memory slot. Remove the face plate.

Step 3

Remove all the screws on the console. Disconnect the motherboard. Remove the fan, DVD drive and the other components until you see the motherboard.

Step 4

Remove the 2x connectors. Take the screws off the heat sink on the GPU and the CPU. Use a damp cloth to remove the dirt. You can use a steel wool pad to get rid of the material on the heat sink. Apply some Arctic Silver on the GPU and the CPU. Wait for twenty minutes then put all the components together.

Before you try to fix the Xbox 360 Ring of Death, check the warranty first. If the warranty is still active, get in touch with the store you bought it from. They will perform the repair free of charge.

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