How to Fix an Ipod Nano

Whether your iPod Nano refused to work because it incurred water damage or the buttons simply won’t function, there is a way to fix these problems without having to go to an iPod repair shop – which could save you a considerable amount of money if your warranty has lapsed.

How to Fix an Ipod Nano

Depending on what your specific iPod problem is, you can check out the following steps, try them on for size and see if any of these fixes your problem.

Water Damage

Whether you unwittingly threw in your iPod Nano in the wash, having forgotten to get it out from your pocket; you can do the following steps to bring your Nano back to life.

First, turn off your iPod immediately if in case you left it on or you were using it when rain suddenly poured down soaking your iPod. Next is to wipe it dry as thoroughly as possible.

Place your iPod face down and let it dry under the sun for a few minutes at a time. You may also place it directly under a lamp or use shop lights to dry it out a few minutes at a time – five minutes apart several times should be enough.

Do not place it under the heat for long periods as this can result in overheating the gadget which could further damage your Nano.

You may have to wait it out for at least twenty-four hours before turning on your Nano. Do not keep placing it under the light or sun as you wait out the 24-hour period.

Patience is key here. If you can wait for a few more days before turning it on, this is better. After your waiting period, turn it on to see if it’s working properly again.

Frozen Nano

Now, if your Nano simply won’t start not matter how many times you try to turn it on, you can do the following steps.

Check the Hold button. If it’s on Hold, slide the button to release it and then place it back on Hold again. If it’s not on Hold, slide the button to put it on Hold.

Press the Menu and the center buttons together. Wait a few seconds – about ten seconds should be fine – and then see if the Apple name and logo will appear. Once you see these, release the buttons and allow the Nano to reboot accordingly.

If it doesn’t work the first time, simply try it again a second time and see if the name and logo will appear.

If it still doesn’t work, your best option is to restore your system through the iTunes website. Simply plug your device to the computer, make sure that you have an internet connection and then select your Nano model. Click on Restore.

Follow the steps as you have done when your first plugged in your device to iTunes. Your device should be working properly once complete restoration is done.

If it still doesn’t work, you may need to go to the repair shop to have them check your iPod for further damage.

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