How to Fix the Red Ring of Death

One of the most advanced and sophisticated video game consoles launched by Microsoft, the Xbox 360 has special features like high definition games support, game downloads and movie rentals using the Xbox Live service. A common problem experienced by Xbox 360 users is the red ring of death. This problem is caused by various factors like overheating and hard drive failure. Below are the simple steps to follow if you want to know how to fix the red ring of death.


Before you send the device for support, there are some steps that you can try to know if the problem is temporary or permanent. Overheating is one of the primary causes of the red ring of death. If the device flashes four rings, then the first thing to do is to cool it down to avoid causing further problems. Unplug the device and wait for half an hour before you check it again. You can also use the towel technique to check if the problem is temporary. After unplugging the device, get two towels and put one on top of the device and another at the bottom. Wait for 15 minutes and plug the device. If the red ring of death still occurs, then the problem is temporary.

If the technique discussed above failed, then the problem lies with the hard drive of the video game console. One of the signs that you need to send the device to the service center is when the power supply light turns green. However, if the light is red or orange, just unplug the device and wait for the console to cool down then plug it back.

If you need to send the console to the service center, you need to check the serial number of device. There is nothing to worry about charges because Xbox service centers repair video game consoles that suffer red ring of death for free. To make sure about the charges or any inquiries about the problems, it is best to check the website of Xbox.

Additional Tips and Other Important Information

Just to be sure that you will not have problems when you send the device to Xbox, check the warranty before you do anything or open the video game console. If the video game console is still under warranty, send it right away. It may take a month before you get the console back but at least you will be assured that you will not experience the same problem with your Xbox 360.

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