How to Fix the Red Ring Of Death

Trying to fix the Red Ring of Death can be difficult as there seems to be a lot of methods and solutions being offered. However, this technique to repair the Ring of Death should solve the problem permanently.

Required Tools and Materials

Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound
ArctiClean 1 and 2
XCM 360 case opening tool
T6, T7 and T12 Torx screwdrivers

Step 1

Unplug the hard drive, controllers, video cables and everything that is hooked to the console.

Step 2

Insert your fingers in the USB port and take out the faceplate.

Step 3

Put the case opening tool in the openings at the bottom and top. This will remove the gray plate connectors. Remove all eight connectors.

Step 4

Turn the console upside down. Use the case opening utility to open the case a bit. Find the rectangle holes on the bottom and top shells. Put the case opening tool into the openings. You have unlocked the latches when you hear the clicking sound.

Step 5

To fix the Red Ring of Death, remove the latches on the front of the Xbox.

Step 6

Use the T12 Torx screwdriver to remove the 14 screws. Use the T7 Torx screwdriver to take out the 8 black screws. Turn the console up.

Step 7

Take out the DVD drive. The DVD power supply has to be unplugged. Get it out of the console.

Step 8

Carry the white air guide and have the fan unplugged. Remove the fan.

Step 9

Use the T6 Torx screwdriver to take out the RF unit. Take the motherboard off the Xbox. Unplug anything that is connected to it.

Step 10

Take off the X clamp using a flat headed screwdriver. Use a screwdriver to remove the heat sink. You will see the GPU and CPU.

Step 11

Use ArctiClean 1 and 2 to clean the CPU and GPU.

Step 12

Put Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound on the GPU and CPU. Allow it to dry for 15 minutes.

Step 13

When it is dry, put the Xbox back together, reversing the steps described here.

Tips and Warnings

You need to be firm when removing components, but do not use too much pressure. It may damage some parts. Be careful when pulling.

Do not try to fix the Red Ring of Death if your Xbox is still under warranty. Have it replaced instead. But if it is no longer under warranty you can try the method described above. It will eliminate the Red Ring of Death for good.

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