How to Fix Rrod

Few things bring greater horror to an Xbox 360 owner than the Red Ring of Death (RROD). There are many reasons why this error occurs, but there are some techniques you can try to fix the RROD.

Check the Power Cable

Step 1

Turn Xbox 360 on. When the 3 red lights show up, look at the power brick. This is connected to the power cord. At the rear of the brick is a light. It will be orange, red or green. There is a problem with the cable if the color is not green.

Step 2

Turn the Xbox off. Take out the power cable. Reconnect the power cable to the Xbox but try another outlet. If the RROD disappears, the trouble is with the outlet. If the problem persists, the cable is defective. It must be replaced.

Perform the Full System Restart

Step 1

Turn off the Xbox. Disconnect the AV cords and the power.

Step 2

Remove the hard drive from the top of the Xbox. Press the button found close to the hard drive’s front and Xbox vent. Set the hard drive aside.

Step 3

Replace the AV cable and the power. Turn the Xbox on. Make sure the hard drive is not connected to the console.

Step 4

If the RROD does not appear, turn the console off. Replace the hard drive. Turn the Xbox on. This will probably resolve the problem. If you try to fix the RROD this way and the lights appear, the hard drive is damaged. It has to be replaced.

How to Get a Replacement

If your Xbox is still under warranty, you should not attempt to repair the Xbox. You are better off getting a replacement from Microsoft. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1

Go to the Xbox website and go to the help and support section. If you are required to log in, use your Windows Live ID. You will find information about how to get a replacement if your Xbox has the RROD problem.

Step 2

Enter the Xbox bar code number. Microsoft will inform you if you are eligible for a replacement. If you are, they will send a package.

Step 3

Follow any instructions on the package. Fill the form with the required information. Put the Xbox in the package and ship it back to Microsoft. Microsoft will provide updates when it is repaired or you can get a replacement.

The method above only works if you did not attempt to fix the RROD on your own. If you damaged the product by trying to fix it, the warranty will be voided.

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