How to Fix Drywall

Learning how to fix drywall doesn’t require advanced skills. Note that the wall board is only necessary if the job is large.

Required Tools and Materials

Coarse sandpaper
Hand sander
Eight-inch taping knife
Peal and stick drywall patch for holes
Drywall compound
Wall board
Corner knife
Drywall repair knives (various sizes)

Step 1

Be certain the area only requires drywall repair. If not, do the other repair job first.

Step 2

Choose between all purpose and lightweight drywall compounds. For small jobs like a few dents here and there, the lightweight compound is recommended. They dry up quicker and easier to sand.

Step 3

For small dents, get a sanding block with sandpaper and an 8 inch knife. Texture the part after you smooth the edges. Use the knife to apply the compound. Sand the edges when it has dried. You can add more texture by adding a bit more compound.

Step 4

When studying how to fix drywall, apply generous amounts of compound on parts that need to be patched. Apply three or four coats. To smoothen the transition between the compounded and the wall board, the patched area must be sanded. Sand an inch over the compound area as you go along.

Step 5

If you are fixing a doorknob hole, you have to use an adhesive patch comprised of aluminum screen. Fiberglass has to cover this. The application is similar to a peel-off back bandage. Apply some drywall compound. Sand it afterwards.

Step 6

Use your taping knife to make a V shaped groove. Follow this on any crack path you see. When applying the compound, add an inch or so of overlap. Sand this a bit. Smooth the drywall compound sections with the taping knife.

Step 7

If the hole areas are big, shape them into squares with your knife. Make certain that you span a couple of studs with the wall board. Screw it in and use fiber mesh to secure it. Put in the drywall compound. Sand the area until smooth.

Tips and Warnings

You have to use coarse sandpaper and a hand sander for the repair work. If you can’t find the wood stud, make one and set it in the right location. Make sure the workplace is clean.
Tips and Warnings

Take care when handling the knife. It is important that you give the compound time to dry.

Before you attempt to fix drywall, get an estimate of the amount dry compound required. This way you won’t have any problems about running out of materials.

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