How to Fix a Pair of Eyeglasses

Considering the various economic conditions in the world today, a new pair of eyeglasses can be very expensive. Since they can be very costly and impractical, it is best to repair your old pair rather than purchase a new set. Even though they are made from durable and high quality plastic or metal, damages are still possible. Be able to make the most out of your glasses by learning how to fix a pair of eyeglasses.

Materials Needed

This task is moderately easy. However, you need a number of materials before you can start with this simple job. Prepare static-free cloth, paperclip and an eyeglass repair kit. Aside from these, get butane lighter, a solder as well as a soldering iron. Later on, clean the lens using a lens cleaner.


One of the common problems experienced with eyeglasses is keeping the lens in place. At times, screws can loosen up and displace the lens from their original positions. The outer edges must be within the frames. After some time, the screws can become loose whether you like it or not. To fix this problem, get the screwdriver from your eyeglass repair kit and then use it to fasten the screws tightly in place. In case you lose any of the screws, you can easily find good quality replacements from your local eyeglass centers.

In case the screw holes are the problem, this can be solved by replacing the screws with paperclips. Push the clip into a hole and then attach it to the arm of the glasses. Try to use a smaller and thinner clip to make it less visible for other people to see. Do this when the ridges of the screw holes are no longer working properly. This is only a temporary solution, as eyeglasses with clips on them can really look silly. If this happens, start finding a new one and while you have yet to buy one, you can still use this old pair.

If you wish to make this permanent, you can cut a small piece from the clip and then use it to connect the frame and the lens. Get the soldering iron and then melt some solder into the piece of paperclip. Do it as small as possible to make it hardly noticeable. If the metal frame is snapped into two parts, you can connect them once again using the solder and soldering iron. Melt the solder into the point of connection and then wait for it to dry. Before you do this, be sure that the two parts are connected very well. After soldering, you can put the glasses inside the freezer for faster results.

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