How to Fix Blocked Air Conditioning Drain Pipes

All air-conditioning units have drains to get rid of any water that forms due to the condensation that usually occurs. It doesn?t matter whether your air conditioner is ductless or ducted, it should have a way to remove the water build up from the heating and cooling processes cycle that your unit undergoes. If you observe that your unit is not draining out any water then you may have blocked air conditioning drain pipes.

Observable Symptoms

Depending on the type of air conditioning unit you have, you will have different symptoms to let you know that you have blocked air conditioning drain pipes. Ducted air conditioning units will have visible drain pipes that usually have water dripping off them. Whenever you see water dripping from them then it is a good sign that your AC?s drain is working just fine.

Some people think that water running from these pipes is a cause for alarm. The truth is that they should be alarmed when these pipes stop dripping water not the other way around. If you?re still trying to locate where the drain pipes are, they?re the PVC pipes that are about an inch thick and are usually whitish in color.

Now, if you have a split type or ductless unit you?ll have a different yet more obvious symptom. You?ll find water leaking down your wall when the drains in this type of unit are blocked. It will be clearly visible since it can cause stains on your wall and it will usually create a bit of a puddle on your floor.

Fixing Blocked Air Conditioning Drain Pipes

It is relatively easy to inspect blocked air conditioning drain pipes. You should assess the situation first before calling a repair man for really expensive repair job. Ducted AC units are easier to check since you already have the drain pipe in plain sight. You?ll only need everyday materials to inspect your air conditioning drain pipes.

Turn off the AC power and remove the drain tray. Run a bit of soapy water through the tray and let it flow into the pipes. Blocked air conditioning drain pipes won?t have water run smoothly through them. Remove any mold outgrowth or any obstructions in the pipes. It isn?t uncommon to find insects stuck in them along with sticks and other tiny objects.

You can use a flexible strap to rub off any obstructions. Once the air conditioning drain pipes are clear, you should run water with bleach through them to get rid of any possible mold outgrowths. If you have a ductless AC unit then you will have to work your way into the ceiling to clean up the pipes. If upon inspection the damage seems worse than what you normally expect then you should call for professional help.If you have water running from your wall or you don?t see the air conditioning drain pipes dripping water then you can be sure that you have a blocked drain. Inspecting and cleaning up your AC?s drain pipes are easy enough to do on your own. You?ll just need everyday materials to get things done.

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