How to Build a Firewood Rack

How to Build a Firewood Rack

Leaving firewood scattered on the ground will attract bugs especially after rain. But if you build a firewood rack, this problem will be avoided.

Required Tools and Materials

Wood glue
Wood screws

Step 1

Decide how high the rack is going to be. But try not to make it higher than five feet, as stacking may be hard. Measure the 2 x 4s and cut four pieces to the desired dimensions.

Step 2

Saw the horizontal supports to the desired rack length. A wood cord is 4 x 4 x 8 ft. Add bracing to the upper vertical 2 x 4s if your wood rack will be longer than 8 feet. You can make the brace from the vertical 2 x 4 scraps. Cut to 12 inch lengths as firewood are
usually 16 inches long.

Step 3

To build a firewood rack, drill at the vertical ends pilot holes. Insert screws in the ends. Place the screws an inch from the edge where the horizontal and vertical boards join. Put wood on after the holes are made. Join the vertical and horizontal joints. Do this for all four sides.

Step 4

Saw the boards so the base is narrower than sixteen inches. The suitable short connecting piece width is a foot. Make 4 connectors for the top and bottom if the rack is longer than 5 feet. Pilot holes must be drilled in the vertical 2 x 4s too. These will be for the connectors.

Step 5

Insert the screws in the connectors. Check the rack to see if it is sturdy enough. If it seems robust, you can begin putting the firewood in place. If the rack seems wobbly, a few more top connectors will be required.

Step 6

Take the 2 x 2 and saw the firewood rack front and back length. You can nail this on the frame or screw them in. Put the braces on every 16 inches. The brace spacing will also depend on how much firewood you plan to put there.

Tips and Warnings

Be careful when handling the drill and saws. Make sure you use the tools as directed in their packages. Protect yourself by wearing eye goggles and gloves. Be careful so you do not hurt yourself when hammering in the nails. Work in a clean place so you don’t lose any screws.

You can use this guide to build a firewood rack of any size. If you are tall, you probably won’t have any problems with a high firewood