How to Fix Auto Speakers

How to Fix Auto Speakers

Before you start repairing auto speakers, make sure you have checked the car manual?s troubleshooting section. If nothing there helps, try the following remedies.

Required Tools and Materials

Car manual
Battery (9 volts)
New speakers
Set of screwdrivers
Butter knife

Step 1

Check the manual for info on how to remove the grill around the speaker. If there?s none, remove the screws using the screwdriver. If you can?t see any screws, pry it off with knife.

Step 2

Use the screws to take off the pads. Loosen the screws on the speaker. Put these screws in a safe place. To begin repairing auto speakers, disconnect the speaker from the harness.

Step 3

Examine the butt connectors for signs of damage. If there?s none, loosen and then tighten them. Turn on the speakers to see if it fixes the sound problem.

Step 4

If that doesn?t work, look for signs of short. Detach the speaker from the car. Join it to the leads of the 9 v battery. A functioning speaker should register a popping sound. If there?s none, the speaker may be defective and need to be replaced.

Step 5

Assess the cone; cracks there will affect the sound. If repairing auto speakers with cracks, use glue that?s light and sturdy. Allow the glue time to dry before testing the speakers. Bear in mind that serious warping cannot be fixed; you?ll need to get new speakers.

Step 6

Other areas you should look at are the magnet and voice coil. If the cone isn?t broken but the speaker won?t function, chances are the voice coil and / or magnet is damaged. These have to be replaced.

Step 7

Another area you should check out is the speaker wiring. Get a functioning speaker and wire it. If this speaker doesn?t work, the wiring is damaged and you?ll have to get new wires.

Step 8

The fuses also need to be evaluated when repairing auto speakers. However this is usually the last part to check (if the coils and wiring are in order). Refer to your manual for the fuses in the car and how to replace them. You should also check the car manual for specific info on how to set up these fuses.

Tips and Warnings

If you?re getting new speakers, make sure they?re fit for your car. Make note of the old speaker?s dimensions and specs. Be certain the ground wires aren?t linked to the car battery when repairing the electrical components.

Do not use a sharp knife when taking off the grill. You might end up scratching it. If replacing wires and other components, always check what the manual has to say first. Avoid spilling anything on the grill or any other component on the car. If all the electric components are linked, damage to one part may affect others as well.

One more thing needs to be said; repairing auto speakers may not be necessary if the speaker is cleaned regularly. Refer to the manual for specific instructions on how to clean them.