How to Build a Headboard

You can build a headboard for your bed using wood boards and a few basic tools. One of the nice things about DIY headboards is you can customize them to your liking.

Required Tools and Materials

Staple gun
Table saw
Cloth material (your choice)
Wood boards
Tape measure

Step 1

Use the tape measure to get your bed’s dimensions. The figure you obtain here will determine how wide the headboard is going to be. The headboard height is up to you. Many people like the headboard to end just below the neck or shoulders. However you can set it to any height you want.

Step 2

Get the wood board. Cut it with the table saw according to the dimensions you chose. Make sure it is as wide and tall as you have specified. You can avoid mistakes by measuring the board twice before sawing.

Step 3

Get the batting. Make the proper measurements so you can cut enough to hide the board’s front part. There should be a few inches along the sides. This will let you put the batting on the rear of the headboard.

The batting size to use will depend on the headboard size. In this case, it is 8’6" by 5’6". This figure will give you three inches of free batting on the sides.

Step 4

Cut your cloth so its dimensions are the same as the batting. Put the cloth on the worktable or floor. Get the batting and place it on top of the cloth.

Step 5

Put the board you cut on the batting. Be certain the cloth goes past all the board sides. After you make this step, you can proceed to build a headboard.

Step 6

Get your staple gun. Use it to fasten the batting on the headboard’s back. Pull the material tight so wrinkles will not appear. You can also wrap the cloth around the headboard as if you are wrapping a gift. This will make it look more polished.

Step 7

Flip the headboard over. It is now finished. Now you just have to secure the headboard onto your bed or the wall. If you want, you can just press the headboard on the wall and put the bed against it.

After you build a headboard, you can dress it up with some ribbons, edging and decorations. If you want to overhaul its looks, just replace the cloth with another one. Make sure the new cloth has the same dimensions as the current one.

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