How to Fix a Trunk Latch

If your trunk latch is broken and you want to fix a trunk latch in an easy and cheaper way then you can follow these easy steps to do the repairs yourself.

Procedure to Fix a Trunk Latch

If you notice that the trunk latch is dirty or corroded, you can spray some penetrating oil into the latch to soften the dirt and corrosion. You can spray some lithium grease into the trunk latch to easily move it anytime. Never ever use any kinds of silicone spray to fix a trunk latch because the substance can collect into the air cleaner of the car that can cause contamination of the sensors.

If you notice that the cable that is connected to the release mechanism inside the trunk latch is frayed or stretched, you need to readjust the cable and try to know the cause why it is frayed or stretched. Do not pull the cable too hard because it can cause overstressing. If you feel that the cable is gritty or grainy, you can try spraying it with an aerosol spray lubricant to lubricate the cable and fix a trunk latch. Penetrating oil is not suited to fix the problem since it is too light.

Use a spray that has nozzle and place the end of the nozzle to the end of the case that contains the cable. Put a clean cloth to the area where the nozzle and cable meets and spray the lubricant into the cable. Spraying the lubricant steadily into the cable will allow the lubricant to be squeezed down in between the cable case and the cable.

You can also use an air compressor when spraying lubricant into the cable since the pressurized force of the air compressor can let the lubricant go deep down into the casing. This method to fix a trunk latch is applicable to any kinds of cable that the vehicles are using at present and the list includes the majority of the cables used for heater-control.

If you see that the cable is experiencing some corrosion or that the steel threads are pushing out, you need to get the cable replaced immediately to fix a trunk latch. It’s no good to fix the cable since it can snap anytime. Once the cable is already replaced, apply some lubricant into the newly attached cable in a regular basis to maintain it in a good working condition. Good maintenance of the trunk latch can prevent serious problems to occur.


When you try to fix a trunk latch, always keep in mind to never use any kinds of silicone spray. The reason is that some substances of the silicone spray can diffuse into the air cleaner of the car and may cause contamination to the sensors.

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