How to Fix a Relationship

 So your relationship is going through some tough times. But tough times do not have to mean that you will say goodbye to your partner. 

Before you throw in the towel, at least do something to try to fix your relationship; you, your partner and your relationship deserve that.

How to Fix a Relationship

1. Before you start fixing your relationship, you must decide first and foremost that your relationship is worth saving. Going at it with half a heart will not only be exhausting but it may further damage the relationship.
2. See where the problem lies. Recognizing the root of the problem is already half the battle. This will entail looking long and hard at your relationship and what you and your partner have each contributed to the surmounting problem.
3. Make a list. Ask your partner to make a list of all the positive traits they like about you and the negative traits that they find it difficult to deal with. Do the same.
4. Discuss the list openly. This open discussion is even more crucial when you are tackling one another’s negative traits. As you discuss each one’s negative sides, talk about how to come up with a compromise that both of you will be willing to accept and work on.
5. Put the romance back into the relationship. Sometimes, relationships become dull and boring because one or both partners have turned complacent. This results in the other feeling neglected and unappreciated.
One sure-fire way of rekindling the flames is putting the romance back into your relationship. Remember when you had your first date and you were all giddy and excited to see the other person? Put this kind of excitement and giddiness back.
6. Never sweep anything under the rug again. Oftentimes, relationships fail because small issues are not discussed and are instead swept under the rug. 
This results in the small things accumulating over time that before you know what’s happening, they have turned into this giant problem that is putting the state of your relationship in jeopardy. 
You know when they say never sleep mad at each other or never let the sun rise over your anger? This is even more true in relationships. The longer you hold on to your anger or negative feelings, the more they will fester and the bigger they will get.
Nip it in the bud immediately. Don’t allow it to grow or get deeper. 
Remember though that fixing a relationship entails active participation by both parties. Unless your partner is willing to work on it, perhaps it’s time to re-think if the relationship is worth saving.


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