How to Build a Solar Pool Heater

If you want to use the pool but can’t due to the weather, consider building a solar pool heater. It’s quite simple and once set up you’ll be able to use it immediately.

Required Tools and Materials

Pipe (copper or PVC, whichever you use it must be painted black)
Stop valve
Plywood frame

Step 1

Put the pipe on the plywood board. Use glue to stick it in place (a pipe mount is also an option). Set one end of the pipe’s ends to the pump. Make sure to install the valve; this will allow you to manage the heater.

Step 2

Now connect the other end of the pipe to a tubing. It can be set to the pool’s edge. Plumbing to the jets is also possible.

Step 3

After building a solar pool heater, all you need to do is make sure the heater is set into the pump, not the filter. This is important so the warm water doesn’t affect the filter. This also lessens the odds of bacteria getting in.

How to Make a Solar Pool Heater: Method II

Here is another way to make a solar pool heater.

Required Tools and Materials

2 T connectors
PVC tubing
PVC adhesive
1 gate valve

Step 1

Start by painting the PVC tubing black. Now coil it so it becomes a level spiral. Put it on the roof. If you want to set it on the ground, find a place where it won’t be disturbed. When building a solar pool heater, you can put in more coils. This will speed up the heating process.

Step 2

Find the line that puts water in the pool from the pump. Now you need to make these changes. First, put in a gate valve right between the pool and the pool pump. Get the T connector. Put it between the gate valve and the pump. Run a bypass line to the coils (wherever you put them).

Step 4

Set up another T connector between the poll and the gate valve. This will put water from the coils to the line. This line in turn, is connected to the pool.

Step 5

You’re almost done building a solar pool heater. Link a line from the first T connector to the coils. This will produce warm water. Now join the line from the coils to the 2nd T connector. This will produce cool water for the pool.

Step 6

Use the gate valve to modify the water flow. Know that excessive pressure will push water through the coils too rapidly, not generating enough heat.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure the pump has a timer. This will allow it to go on when the valve adjustments are made. Be careful when handling water from the pipe; it can get very hot.

Building a solar pool heater is not as complicated as it seems. Once you are done building, you just need to experiment with the setting until you find the one that you like.

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