How to Fix a Pop-Up Sink

The stopper in your pop-up sink is a simple mechanical device that is composed of various moving parts that usually needs constant adjustments. Having a pop-up sink at home is quite a convenience to the user and many homeowners are already coping with the malfunctions that come with continuous use. Deal with the common malfunctions of the device by learning how to fix a pop-up sink.

Faulty Connections

There are only few malfunctions of pop-up sinks and one of the most common is faulty connection. This means that the stopper doesn’t open or close properly and to fix a pop-up sink, you need to do some adjustments on its working parts. The working parts of the pop-up sink are composed of three sections – a vertical rod that connects to the control knob, one more vertical rod that is flat and full of holes known as clevis, and a horizontal rod that is connected to the pivot rod within the drain then to the stopper known as lift rod. Adjust these working parts repeatedly specifically the clevis and lift rod until the stopper open or close properly.


The common causes of clogging in your pop-up sink are loose hair and other debris. To fix a pop-up sink with this kind of problem, you need to remove the stopper from its place in order to free the drain from any clogs. Do this by twisting or lifting the stopper from the sink or dismantling the pivot rod beneath the sink. Once the stopper is out, clean the drain completely using a stiff wire wrapped with cloth or a long brush. When the drain is already clean, you also need to clean the stopper before putting it back on its proper place.


There are two types of leaks that might happen in your pop-up sink. One type is that the water is trickling or dripping from the working parts underneath the sink means that there is a leak in the pivot ball. To fix a pop-up sink with this type of leak, you need to retighten the retaining ball that secures the pivot ball in its place. If this method is not effective, then you have to take out the nut and then place a new washer in the pivot ball to stop the leak.

Another type of leak is that the water trickles down on the outside part of the drain. This is a more serious leak problem and must be fixed immediately. This type of leak means that the putty seal underneath the flange may be broken due to the constant thudding of the stopper against the flange. To fix a pop-up sink with this type of leak, you need to loosen a lock nut beneath the sink that will allow you lift up the flange just a little bit thus giving you enough working space to renew the putty seal.

Commonly, when your pop-up sink is showing this type of leak it means that a portion of the drain is already corroded. And since corrosion is already happening, it is a distinct sign that the drain in your sink will totally fail before long. To correctly fix a pop-up sink with this type of leak, you need to replace the whole assembly of the drain.

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