How to Build Catapult

How to Build Catapult

There are several methods you can use to build a catapult. This method is really simple and can be built in a few minutes.

Required Tools and Materials

Soft leather
Rubber bands

Step 1

Get a piece of wood that is Y shaped. Take the bark off the wood. Smooth the wood with the sandpaper. Make sure to sand off the sharp edges and the bumps.

Step 2

Let the wood dry completely. Get a couple of rubber bands. Cut it so you have two strands of the same length. The bands will make up the catapult side bands.

Step 3

To build a catapult, you have to use the rubber bands to fasten an end of the rubber band that was cut. Secure the rubber band to one of the shaped arms of the Y shaped wood. You will need numerous rubber bands to lock it properly.

Step 4

Repeat the previous step on the other end of the catapult.

Step 5

Now you have to make a container where the projectiles will be stored. To make a pocket or sling, use the soft leather or rubber. Shape the sling so it will taper around the ends. The widest point should be in the middle of the sling.

Step 6

Grab some small rubber bands. Use them to hook up the end of the sling to one of the ends of the catapult. Use as many rubber bands as necessary.

Step 7

Hold the string’s other end. Connect it to the other end of the unit. Again, you may have to use small elastic bands.

Step 8

The catapult is now finished. To see if it works, you have to test it. Grab one of the catapult’s handles. Set it in front of you. Put your selected projectile in the sling. Pull the sling back. Pull it as far as you can. Aim at the target and release your hold.

Tips and Warnings

Any type of elastic tubing can also be used, as well as surgical tubing. However, rubber bands are the most flexible. Aside from the soft leather, you can also use thick fabric. To avoid slippage, put some duct tape on the handle of the catapult.

After you build a catapult, you can use different types of projectiles. Be careful with your aim. Do not use the catapult on animals or people. If hurled at high speeds, the projectile could hurt or kill an animal. This is particularly true if you use rocks.