How to Build a Go Cart

How to Build a Go Cart

Building a go cart requires more than just welding some pipes here and there. A lot of planning is required before the first piece is welded.

Required Tools and Materials

Design plans
Tape measure
Sheet metal
Brake and throttle kit
Tubing (round or square)
Tubing bender
Engine mounting plate
Welding tools or metal saw
Steering assembly

Step 1

Sit on the floor as if you’re in the go cart. Draw an outline around your body. This will be the space in the go cart. Decide if there’ll be one or two seats. Get up. Jot down the figures from the widest section and the one through the middle.

Multiply these figures by two. Add 6” to the result. This is the cart width. Put in 1” to the cart length. Mark 6” at the back and front.

Step 2

To start building a go cart, create the go cart frame. To avoid difficulties, use a 1”-1’ scale system.

Step 3

Put the pipe on the floor. Set the cross pipe at the 6” spot you marked. Weld it. Get a pipe that is 8” wider than what you need. Weld it to the front to make the front bumper. For the rear, weld a pipe 4” wider than the go cart frame.

Step 4

2” from the middle of the pipe you joined together, mark the ends. Weld a tube 4” vertically. Weld it at the mark you made. Next, get a pipe the same length of the go cart frame. To continue building a go cart, weld it 4” from the middle of the passenger’s side.

Step 5

Mark 1 ½” from the frame’s front. Weld a tubing along that point. Continue to the frame’s edge up to the welded pipe.

Step 6

Get the metal sheet. Weld it to the width and length of the go cart. Remember to add 1” to the length.

Step 7

Set the engine mounting plate properly before welding it. Take the steering kit. Go over the instructions and install it as directed.

Step 8

Take out your brake and throttle kit. These kits are installed in different ways; follow the instructions as stated.

Step 9

You are almost done building a go cart. Get your seats and position them in the cart. Find the most comfortable spot for the seat and install it. If installing a passenger seat, install it too.

Step 10

Take out your engine and set it on the engine plate. Link the chain. Connect the wheels to the go cart.

Tips and Warnings

You can use round and square tubing during construction. Try using the round tubing when working on the axles and squares for the frame. Remember that the go cart dimensions should be commensurate to the person riding it. Protect your eyes at all times when welding. Take all necessary precautions when testing the go cart.

Building a go cart is not easy. But with enough planning, creating your dream go cart won’t be too far off.