How to Fix a Ipod

A dead iPod can be pretty frustrating but before you give up on it or take it to the repair shop where you will be charged huge amounts of money, troubleshooting the problem at home may actually get it to work again.

The steps provided below on how to fix an iPod are actually very simple but they do require that you follow them to a T because you might end up doing more damage to your unit.

How to Fix an iPod

Dead iPod

If your iPod refuses to boot, constantly shows just the Apple logo; an exclamation point icon or a sad face icon; try the following steps to see if any one of these will fix your dead iPod.

1. Restore. This step requires you to connect your iPod to the iTunes website. Simply take your USB cable and attach your phone to your pc. Make sure that you have a reliable internet connection as restoring may take several minutes and you don’t want to be cut-off from your connection while you are in the process of restoring your iPod system.

While this step may revive your dead iPod, it will however, erase all the songs that you have stored in your unit.

2. Warped casing. Sometimes, a simple case of opening your iPod unit, taking out the casing and replacing it back on will do the trick.

3. Unconventional fix-it. This last step is probably something that you don’t normally hear about but it has worked for quite a few people so this might just do the trick for your dead iPod as well.

All you need to do is open your iPod casing, take a folded business card, slip it next to the hard drive and then close the casing once again. Turn on your iPod to see if has been revived back from the dead.

Perhaps this works because the business card holds the hard drive in place more securely.

Stuck or Dead Pixels

Dead pixels are dark spots on your iPod while stuck pixels are those that display with only one color.

For stuck pixels, there are programs that you can download for free from the internet that will fix stuck pixels.

For dead pixels on the other hand, sometimes just a little bit of TLC is all you need. Take a soft cloth that won’t scratch the surface of your screen and with the eraser tip of a pencil, gently press on the dead pixels.

You have to apply gentle pressure only as pressing too hard may damage your screen. Once you have pressed on the dead pixels for about ten seconds or so, turn your iPod on and see if this fixes the problem.

If none of these two steps work, you may have to change your screen.

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