How to Fix a Frozen Ipod

So your best iPod friend suddenly conked out on you and no matter what you do, it simply refuses to work! Before you take it for a goner, you can try the steps provided herein to revive it back to life.

Before you begin to worry that some form of virus has not only corrupted your files but worse, crashed your iPod; there are ways to check if the problem is really this serious or something that a few simple instructions won’t fix.

How to Fix a Frozen Ipod

A frozen iPod simply means that it won’t start, you can’t get it to work properly and all you see is an empty screen. Below are a few easy steps that you can try out to see if you can salvage your iPod.

Hold Switch

Sometimes, in our panic that something is seriously wrong with our gadget, we fail to check the little things that could instantly solve the problem. In the case of a frozen iPod, the problem could be as simple as overlooking the hold button.

This button is located at the top part of your iPod. Check that it is not showing an orange marker. If you see an orange marker, it means that your iPod is on “Hold.” Simply, toggle the switch in the opposite direction to release it.

Turn on your iPod and see if this fixes the problem. If it still appears to be frozen, try the following steps below.

Pressing Buttons Simultaneously

Depending on your iPod model, pressing on a specific combination of buttons together might just do the trick.

1G up to 3G iPod

Older versions of the iPod include those that come in 1G up to 3G sizes. If your iPod is of this model, press the Menu button simultaneous with the Play/Pause button.

Wait at least ten seconds or so after which you should see the logo which means that your iPod is restarting. Once you see the name and the logo appear, you can release both buttons and wait for it to reboot normally.

4G and Up

For a version higher than the abovementioned, buttons that you need to press together are the Menu and the Select buttons. The Select button is the center button on your iPod.

Again, wait for at least ten seconds or so and see if the name and logo will appear. Sometimes, you may need to do this process twice to get the result that you want. Once you see the name and logo, release the buttons and wait for it to restart as usual.

iPod Touch

For your iPod Touch, simultaneously press on the Menu and the Sleep buttons and then follow the steps as indicated in the other models above.

System Restore

If all else fails, you may need to restore your system which means that everything you have saved on your iPod will be erased. You can backup your files in your iTunes Library before proceeding with the restore option.

You need to be connected to the internet and your iPod should be connected to your computer before you can do a complete restoration of your system. Once you are connected to iTunes, your iPod should appear in the Source option.

Choose your iPod model from the Source option and then click Restore. You should see a status bar to let you know of the progress of your restoration process.

Once it is completed, you will have to repeat the process of naming your iPod and all the other steps that you did when you first connected your iPod.

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