How to Fix a Garage Door

A garage door that doesn’t work properly can be a real annoyance, but this is actually easy to repair. If you need to fix a garage door, you will need the following tools.

Required Tools and Materials

Garage door lubricant
Powdered graphite
Household cleaner

Repairing a Roll up Garage Door 

Step 1

Check the metal tracks that hold the wheels for any obstacles or defects. Majority of the time, the problem is due to excessive dirt within the tracks. Use the mallet to reshape the ridges if the track is bent. Use only as much pressure as necessary.

Step 2

Check also if the tracks are correctly aligned. Tracks may shift angles if the screws become loose. These have to be perpendicular to the door. Use the screwdriver to secure all the screws.

Step 3

If the door isn’t functioning, lubricate and clean the tracks. Over time, the grease on the door will become stiff. You can use any household cleaner to eliminate the grease and other debris.

When the dirt and grease have been removed, add new lubricants. You can use garage door lubricants or powdered graphite. This ought to fix a garage door and make it work properly.

How to Repair a Swinging Garage Door

Step 1

Look over the mounting plate. Check if any screws have gotten loose. The mounting plate fastens the springs to the garage interior. The garage won’t work if this is misaligned.

Step 2

Make adjustments to the springs on the door sides. The problem could be excessive tension. Majority of spring setups let you move the hook to different mounting hole brackets. Take off the spring on the mounting plate. Make all the necessary adjustments.

Tips and Warnings

If you do not have a mallet, you can use a block of wood and a hammer. You can use the wood hammer and wood block as you did the mallet. Hammer all the irregular shapes you can see; they have to be
eliminated for the garage to function.

Do not make spring adjustments if the swinging door has a single center spring in the door’s center. The tension here is immense. If handled improperly, it can lead to injury. Use these tools and equipment with caution.

Do not attempt to fix a garage door if you have little experience handling these tools. Those accustomed to DIY tasks will find this easy. If the repair is complex, get someone to help you.

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