How to Fix a Clogged Toilet

Having a clogged toilet is a very disgusting How to Fix a Clogged Toiletsituation. Just imagine how messy it can be as the level of water goes up into the bowl. This problem usually happens when a certain object may have been dropped inside like a small ball, underwear or any other solid objects that can block the path of water. Once this kind of problem arises, it is good to solve it right away. However, things can be a little bit tricky especially if you lack the knowledge and experience to do it. Be able to fix it by learning how to fix a clogged toilet.

Materials Needed

You need three basic items before you can fix this kind of problem. First, you need a plunger to deal directly with the problem. Next, be sure to wear protective gears like goggles and gloves. This can help you prevent any kind of contact with bacteria.


Because this task can be very messy, it is good to dress yourself up properly. Since you are working with a toilet, it is easy to avoid germs by wearing boots and long rubber gloves. You can further protect yourself by wearing a mask and goggles. In case there is no mask, just work on it because it is not that important.

The first thing to do is find out the real cause of the problem. Usually, you can find the offender nearby. Interrogate that person and ask what kind of object was dropped into the bowl. This can be anything that is big enough to clog the toilet such as a handkerchief, a mobile phone or a piece of thick paper.

In case any of these is not the problem or if there is no one there to ask, get the plunger and then use it on the opening of the bowl. There is really no need to hurry this step. Instead, do it slowly by pushing the suction cup with force. After that, pull it back. Repeat the following steps for several times until the clog is removed.

In case the plunger is not enough to remove the clog, you can get a short drain snake. You can buy it for just $8 from any hardware store. Slowly push it through the drain and then turn it. Push it back and forth until the clog is removed completely. Use the plunger for at least three more times and then flush the toilet.

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