How to Fix a Flat Tire

Everyone who has driven a car has encountered a flat tire at least once in their life. Some of these drivers see it as a very daunting task, especially if you’re doing it for the very first time. However, with a little practice and with the help of the right tools, almost anyone can change fix a flat tire in less than 20 minutes.

Important Tools

Here are some of the important tools that one may require to replace a flat tire with a spare. Some of these tools may be required for some vehicles while others will only need the most fundamental ones. You’ll basically need a screwdriver, lug-nut wrench, jack, flashlight, a spare tire that has air in it, rag, chock, lug-nut-key, and leverage pipe. You may most or all of these tools depending on how you’re supposed to remove your tires.

How to Fix a Flat Tire

If you get a flat tire while driving in the middle of the road, the first step is turn on your flashers. The next thing you should do is to safely and slowly pull over and park at the side of the road. Make sure that you are at a location that is easily visible for other drivers in order to avoid any untoward incidents.

You should also put your hood up, which basically signals the other drivers of your mechanical distress. Make sure that you park away from traffic and avoid any soft shoulder on the road. If you wish, you may also place some flares on the road with intervals of 10 feet from one another. Safety precautions are important elements when you fix a flat tire.

Before you get off the vehicle, make sure that your transmission is on park and that you have applied your handbrake. This ensures that your car doesn’t roll off while you’re working on your tires. Take the spare tire out and the rest of the tools necessary to remove the busted tire and put on the spare.

Next, chock the other wheels that aren’t flat to keep them from rolling while you’re working with the flat. If your tire has a hubcap on it then it’s the first part to be removed using a screwdriver. Some cars do not require you to remove the hubcap just to access the lug nuts.

Next, loosen the lug nuts using a lug nut wrench. Take note that you are not to remove them yet. Now you should jack up the car and remove the lug nuts completely. Take note of the order of these steps when you fix a flat tire. Place the lug nuts in a place where you won’t lose them.

Take the flat tire off, replace it with the spare, and affix with the lug nuts. You then lower the car and take out the jack from underneath the car. Tighten the lug nuts again just for good measure. Pop the hubcap back on, place the flat tire in the trunk, and place all the tools and early warning devices into the trunk. Now you’re ready to hit the road again.

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