How to Fix a Cuckoo Clock

You have nothing to lose by trying to repair a cuckoo clock yourself. To avoid mistakes though, you must know where to look and what utilities to use.

Required Tools and Materials

Replacement parts
If the Clock is Slow or Stops

Solution 1

Look at the train weight chain. Be certain it isn?t coming into contact with picture frames, chairs or other pieces of furniture. That could be the reason why the clock won?t run.

Solution 2

Take the cuckoo clock down and look at the case. Remove any dust or dirt you see. Tighten any loose screws (if it uses them). In some instances, you may need to make a large hole for the train weight chain.

You?ll often need to repair a cuckoo clock this way if the clock is an older wood model. This can happen if the wood warps and comes into contact with the chain.

Solution 3

Determine if the chain is at the sprocket. You can determine this by lightly pulling at the train weight chain. You?ll hear a click if it?s on the sprocket. If there?s no click, remove the back off the clock. Loop the chain on the right sprocket. Reinstall the back.

Solution 4

Listen and check if there are two bellows. If you hear only cuck and no coo (or vice versa) they need to be replaced. Those who repair a cuckoo clock also check the night shutoff. If it isn?t running, reset it. Check if it?s gotten entangled halfway through. This will cause the cuckoo to malfunction.

Solution 5

If the cuckoo clock is still moving too fast or slow, adjust the pendulum. If the clock is too slow, set the pendulum up. If it?s too fast, set the pendulum down. You?ll need to practice this a bit to get the timing right.

Replacing a Cuckoo Clock?s Batteries

Sometimes all it takes to fix a cuckoo clock is to replace the batteries. Here?s how you do it.

Required Tools and Materials

New batteries
Cuckoo clock
Cuckoo clock manual

Step 1

Find the battery compartment. This is usually at the back or below the clock. Check your manual.

Step 2

You may need to repair a cuckoo clock battery compartment if the old batteries have been corroded. If you?re unable to remove the corrosion, take it to the repair shop. If there?s no corrosion, replace the batteries. The size and number of batteries will be stated in the manual.

Step 3

Take the cover off the battery compartment. In some clocks, you?ll need to press a lever to see this compartment. Other cuckoo clocks will require you to unscrew the compartment first. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screw. If the compartment is in the clock, take off the back panel first.

Read the manual and pay close attention to the maintenance section. Follow any recommendations on the type of cleaning solution to be used.

Finally, if you?re trying to repair a cuckoo clock do not disassemble it unless you?re sure you can put it back.

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