How to Fix a Broken Heart

Right away it needs to be said that there are no quick and easy ways for fixing a broken heart. However, these suggestions can reduce the hurt and help in the healing process.

Accept the Relationship is Over

Whatever the reason for the breakup, there is almost always a feeling that more could have been done to save it. Maybe there was, maybe there wasn’t. However the fact is it’s over. Accepting this is the most difficult part of the healing process. But the sooner you face this reality, the quicker the healing process can begin.

There is no shame in crying. Letting out your emotions is much better than keeping them locked up inside you. When fixing a broken heart, the first step is accepting the reality of the situation.

Go Back to Your Normal Routine

By this we mean doing the things you used to do before getting in the relationship. Of course you can’t pretend that everything is back to normal, and you shouldn’t.

But doing this will help you in two ways; first, it keeps your mind busy. Second, it will help you see that life goes on. Even though you feel like you’re just going through the motions, you’ll see that it is an essential step in fixing a broken heart.

Pick up a Hobby

This can be reading, writing poems, or drawing etc. The latter can be particularly effective. After work or school, grab some pencils and start drawing. Don’t be afraid about how the drawing looks; just try to focus on it. A simple landscape scene or flowers are good subjects.

It seems like a long way off from nursing a wounded heart, but it isn’t. The arts have a way of soothing the mind, body and the emotions.

You don’t need to limit yourself to drawing; you can learn a new craft like cross stitching, sculpting etc. The point is there’s so much life has in store for you.

Other Tips for Fixing a Broken Heart

Even if you’re not in the mood, try going out with your friends to the movies. Or maybe you can go shopping. You may not feel like going out. However, locking yourself n a room and bemoaning your fate isn’t going to help. You’ve got nothing to lose, so it’s worth trying out.

Sit down and think about the situation. The relationship is over, so what? There are plenty of fish in the ocean, as they say. If it helps, why not list down all the negative qualities of your ex? The next time you feel like crying, focus on this list.

Things to Avoid

Don’t fix the problem by going out with someone else immediately. Dating just to get even will hurt you and the other person. Unless you have a doctor’s prescription, don’t take anti depressant drugs.

One final advice can be given on fixing a broken heart: turn on the TV or read the newspapers. When you learn about the suffering people go through, it’ll help put your problem into perspective.

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