How To Fix A Broken Watch

It is quite complication to fix a broken watch since watches are made of various materials and styles that a cure-all ‘fix it’ system is not applicable. Even if this is true, the most common problems of broken watches are still similar. An incorrect time of day will be displayed if you have a broken watch. Since watches are already part of our lifestyle, the getting them fix once broken is really necessary. Here are some general ideas on how to fix a broken watch.

The Watch Simply Stopped

In instances that your watch just simply stopped without any reason at all, you need to find out why it happened. The battery of your watch may just be dead so it needs some replacement. See to it that the replacement battery is exactly the same as the old battery of your watch. One possible reason that your watch has stopped is due to fluid or water exposure. This usually happens to watches that are not water-resistant thus resulting to some damages on their inner parts. If this is the case then a professional help is needed to replace the damaged parts to fix a broken watch.

Cracked Face

If the problem of the watch is a cracked face then replacing it with a new piece of plastic or glass face is possible. There are watches that are unique and it is somewhat hard to replace even just a single part of them that some help from the professional is indeed required. But if the watch you have is not the expensive kind, then it may be cheaper for you to just buy a new watch than pay a professional fix a broken watch.

Damaged Watch Band

When it is only the watchband that is damaged then it is easier to replace it. You can purchase a new watchband from any jewelers or watch shops or they will have to repair the damaged band for you. Since watchbands are not part of the mechanical section of the watches then fixing or replacing them is less complicated.


To fix a broken watch on your own is not advisable to do especially if you have an expensive kind of watch. You might not have any idea on how to put the pieces together once you opened it and take the pieces out. The most recommended thing to do to fix a broken watch is to take it to a watch professional who really knows what he is doing with it. Fixing the watch might cost you some money so if your watch is not the expensive kind, then it might be cheaper for you to buy a new one than let a professional fix it.

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