How to Build a Knex Gun

Building a Knex gun is a simple task even kids can do it. You can use the following as a guide on how to make one.

Required Tools and Materials

Three yellow rods
Seven silver connectors
Four orange connectors
Three green mini rods
Red rectangle connector
Rubber band

Step 1

Take one of the yellow rods and put it in the holes at the top of the three connectors. Position them so the connectors are together at the rear of the rod.

Step 2

Continuing from step 1, put the yellow plastic piece at the top of one of the 3 silver connectors. At this stage of your building a Knex gun, you will have 1 yellow rod connected to 3 orange connectors. This in turn is followed by 3 silver connectors.

Step 3

Take the red rectangle connector. Put the yellow rod in it. Take the green mini rods. Put one on both ends of the rectangle.

Step 4

Hold the three silver connectors. Set their unenclosed ends in the plastic (the yellow one). The silver components should be linked in the opposite manner you did it earlier. Grab the orange connector and place it on the yellow one (right on its tip).

Step 5

Take a couple more yellow rods. To continue building a Knex gun, you need to connect this to the structure you’re making. Put the yellow rod on the orange connectors. The 2nd and 3rd yellow rods need to go under the previous one.

Step 6

Take one of the silver connectors. Snap it on the first yellow rod you put in place. Get the rubber band. Run it through the silver connector. Now you have to pull the rubber band. Set it on the rear of the yellow parts; these are the ones at the bottom.

Step 7

To load the rubber band, do the following. Pull the silver connector (that’s the one you ran the rubber through). Pull until the yellow rod has cleared the rectangle. When you’re building a Knex gun, you need to tilt the rectangle (red). Do it just enough to prevent the yellow rod from going forward.

Step 8

Now put one of the green mini rods at the circle front. These mini rods will serve as the bullets.

Step 9

To shoot, point the gun at your target. Tip the red rectangle to its original position. The yellow rod is freed to go forward. The result is that the green mini rod is fired.

Tips and Warnings

Do not let very small children play with this gun. Even though this is a toy, you should not aim or shoot it at a person or animal. Do not aim this at furniture or appliances.

If it’s your first time to play with Knex, you might find assembling a bit confusing. Don’t worry; just go over the instructions and you’ll get it right.

Building a Knex gun is easy and fun. Once you’ve made one, you can make others and share them with your friends.

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